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Office Phone

(610) 767-9221



Before you email me...

Understand I work with plant pests, not structural pests (pests in your house).

I travel for work so sometimes I can not respond immediately.

If you do ask a questions I need to know the following

  • Where you are located?
  • Are you a commercial grower or home gardening?
  • Do you know what pest you are dealing with or are you guessing?
  • Have you tried any control options?
  • Do you have a good photo of your problem?



Q - Do I sell beneficial insects like ladybugs or nematodes?

A - No, I am a consultant to the horticulture industry and do not sell beneficial organisms. You can look on my "Supplier of beneficial insects" page


Q - Can you lecture to my group?

A - Yes, I lecture in the United States and Internationally to professional and gardening groups. Please contact me.




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