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Pest Management and Biological Control




  • Farmscaping Techniques for Managing Insect Pests - Farmscaping is a holistic (whole-farm) ecological approach to pest management—particularly for insects. An entomologist, Dr. Robert Bugg coined the term ‘farmscaping’ - defining it as the “deliberate use of specific plants and landscaping techniques to attract and conserve ‘beneficials’.” It refers to the arrangement of plants used for economic purposes (cash crops) and insectary plants used for food and habitat for beneficial insects. Sometimes, the term “farmscaping” is broadened beyond just augmentation of insectary plants to include using trap crops—i.e. plants that are more attractive to the pest, established adjacent to the cash crop.

  • Farming for Pest Management  - Free Download Information on developing habitats for Beneficial Insects


Control Options and Pesticides

Insect Rearing

  • Principles and Procedures for Rearing High Quality Insects - 2009, 370 pages, 203 illustrations (25 color), charts, tables. This book provides an in-depth presentation of every primary element comprising professional insect rearing programs. Its scope includes the entire range of insect rearing from small-scale, table-top rearing to industrialscale, mass rearing but focuses on medium-scale rearing, and within medium-scale rearing on the use of artificial rather than natural diets. By applying the principles and procedures discussed here, one can establish new rearing programs or improve those that already exist. In addition, procedures are presented to either prevent or to diagnose and solve many of the problems that may arise in insect rearing.

Insects & Mites



  • Plant Health Care for Woody Ornamentals - The most comprehensive manual available on plant health maintenance, PHC practitioners will find this reference manual invaluable. Well-researched information is provided on the basic biology of woody plants, understanding stress and pest complexes, abiotic disorders and diseases, management of insect and vertebrate pests, weed management, and working with clients and the public. Included is a glossary, an index, applicable tables and charts, 150 color photos and nearly 100 illustrations. (©1997, soft cover, 223 pp., full-color photos, glossary, index, appendices. Developed in partnership with the USDA Forest Service.)


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