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About Buglady Consulting

What is Buglady Consulting?

Buglady Consulting provides consulting services on pest issues to many areas of the horticulture industry.  Specializing in biological control as part of an IPM program, all client recommendations are made to manage pests while being financially and ecologically minded. 18 years in business the customer base includes greenhouse operations, botanical gardens, theme parks, nurseries, interiorscape, aquaponics, hydroponics and cannabis. It is owned by Suzanne Wainwright-Evans

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Services Provided  


Buglady Consulting provides educational seminars and lectures nation wide on a variety of subjects from insect ID, Pest Management, Biological Control to Attracting Beneficial Insects and even IPM scouting training.  Presentations include larger the life images and movies all take by Suzanne. See the calendar for upcoming Buglady Consulting lectures. References are available. Please contact for rates.


Onsite Pest Management Training

Provides hands on, in the field training on pests and beneficials. This can be done done for greenhouse, hydroponic systems, nursery, cannabis or even garden center employees.



Services on pest management and plant health care, focusing on IPM. Recommendations are made using reduced risk products, biological control agents, and other cultural practices. Consulting to greenhouse, hydroponic operations, nurseries, botanical gardens, cannabis and theme parks.



Suzanne writes articles for such professional trade magazines as Nursery Management, GrowertalksMarijuana Venture, Greenhouse Business, Interiorscape Magazine, Ornamental Outlook, Mid-Atlantic Grower, and  American Nurseryman. Some of the Buglady's articles can be found on the publications page.


Another service provided by BLC is locating biological control agents. Are you looking for a specific insect or predatory nematode?   Buglady Consulting  will help find it for you!  email.

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Buglady Consulting has a relationship following organizations

  • ANBP Association of Natural BioControl Producers
  • FNGLA Florida Nursery & Growers Association
  • IOBC International Organization for Biological Control
  • AmericanHort
  • PA WagN Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network
  • AERGC - The Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators


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