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Suzanne Wainwright-Evans aka The Buglady



Title Key Words
Jan 2018 Greenhouse Grower Donít Miss Opportunities to Market Your Biocontrol Program Biocontrol, Marketing
Oct 2017 Greenhouse Grower Taking Control  of mites in Cannabis Crops Cannabis, mites
  NoPro Containers How to Identify and Manage Spider Mites Spider mites, interiorscape
Aug 2011 NM Pro Magazine "Understand the reality vs. myths regarding biological control costs" Bio Control, Phytoseiulus persimilis, Nursery, Costs, Economics, Neonicotinoid 
June 2011 NM Pro Magazine Plant Health: Aphids Aphids, Parthogenetic, Aphelinus abdominalis, Aphidius, Applied Bionomics, BioBest Biological Systems, Koppert Biological Systems or Syngenta BioLine, neonicotinoids, lacewing, Beauveria bassiana, azadirachtin, Endeavor, pymetrozine   
June 2011 NM Pro Magazine The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Brown marmorated stink bug, stink bug, Halyomorpha halys, BMSB, Tracy Leskey, USDA, Thomas Kuhar, Virginia Tech
Nov 2010

Greenhouse Management & Production

"Beneficial Insects" Suppliers of bio control agents. Applied Bio-nomics Ltd, Becker Underwood, BioBest, BioLogic, BioWorks, IPM Labs, Koppert, Sterling Insectary, Syngenta BioLine, The Bug Factory
Oct 2010 NM Pro Magazine "Solid Pest Management Starts with Propagation" Propagation, plugs, cuttings, hot water treatments, W. Romero, thrips, whiteflies

Aug 2010

NM Pro Magazine

"A Pest Management Glossary for Growers"

Aphid mummy, Artificial diet, Bacillus thuringiensis, nematodes, Breeder pile, Entomopathogenic , Factitious host, GMO, Hyper parasite, IGR, Insectary, Instar, Intraguild predation, Kairomone, Laboratory reared, Mating disruption, Mode of action, Neonic, Neonicotinoid, Parasite, Phytoseiulus persimilis, Pesticide residue, pH sensitive, Pheromones, Phytotoxicity, Predator, REI, Resistance management 
June 2010 NM Pro Magazine "Pest Identification"  
May 2010 NM Pro Magazine "Beneficial Breakthrough"  
April 2010 NM Pro Magazine "Where do Beneficials Come From?"  

Feb 2010

NM Pro Magazine

"Knowing the Origins of Pest Helps with Proper Control"


Jan/Feb 2010

OFA Bulletin

"Effectively Integrating Biocontrol Agents into Pest Management"


Dec 2009

NM Pro Magazine

"Some Simple Steps Can Shave Costs From Your Pesticide Program"


Oct 2009

NM Pro Magazine

"Hunter Flies May Be Small, but they have Big Appetites"

Coenosia attenuata

Aug 2008

NM Pro Magazine

"Speed Scouting Can Save Your Crops"

July 2008 Ornamental Outlook "Biological Benefits"  

June 2008

NM Pro Magazine

"Before You Treat See The "Hole" Picture"


April 2008

NM Pro Magazine

"How Green Are Your Pesticides"


Feb 2008

NM Pro Magazine

"Control the Bad With the Good"


Dec 2007

NM Pro Magazine

"Stock your Shelves With Good Reference Books"


Oct 2007

NM Pro Magazine

"New BioPesticide Will Battle Bad Weevils"


Aug 2007

NM Pro Magazine

"Grab Bag of New Product to Help the IPM Effort"


Aug 2007

NM Pro Magazine

"Biological Control Keep Delray Pests at Bay" PDF

"Biological Control Keep Delray Pests at Bay" online version without photos

July 2007 Ornamental Outlook "Growers Going Green"  

June 2007

NM Pro Magazine

"Consider Your Options for the Two-Spotted Spider Mite"


April 15, 2007

American Nurseryman Magazine

"Aphid Identification and Control"


Jan/Feb 2007

Interiorscape Magazine

"The Different Sides of Scale"


Dec 2006

American Nurseryman Magazine

"New Technologies in Pest Management"


June 2006

NM Pro Magazine

"Lab Mutants or Prized Plants?"


May/June 2006

Interiorscape Magazine

"How to Identify Pests Accurately"


May 2006

Today's Garden Center

"Preventing Pests"


March/April 2006

Interiorscape Magazine

"Pesticides, Playing it Safe"


Nov/Dec 2005

Interiorscape Magazine

"Stethorus punctillum The Spider Mite destroyer "


Sept 2005

NM Pro Magazine

"Organics Offer More Options"


Sept/Oct 2005

Interiorscape Magazine

"Spider Mites. Stop the Spots"


Aug 2005

NM Pro Magazine

"A Mealybug's Worst Nightmare"


July/Aug 2005

Interiorscape Magazine

"Mealy Defense. New Biological for Mealybug"


May/June 2005

Interiorscape Magazine

"Scales in Perspective"


March/April 2005

Interiorscape Magazine

"A Beneficial Lesson"


Jan/Feb 2005

Interiorscape Magazine

"Today's Safer Alternatives"


Nov/Dec 2004

Interiorscape Magazine

"Organics for the Soil"


Sept/Oct 2004

Interiorscape Magazine

"Spraying with Confidence"


Aug 2004

NM Pro Magazine

"Beneficial Nematodes"


June/July 2004

Interiorscape Magazine

"Release the Beneficials"


June 2004

NM Pro Magazine

"Weevil Deeds"


March/April 2004

Interiorscape Magazine

"Questions Bugging Scapers"


Jan/Feb 2004

Interiorscape Magazine

"Why Biological Programs Fail"


Nov/Dec 2003

Interiorscape Magazine

"From the Soil Up"


Sept/Oct 2003

Interiorscape Magazine



July/Aug 2003

Interiorscape Magazine

"Mighty mites to the rescue"


July 2003

Greenhouse Business Magazine

"Scouting out top sources for beneficial insects"


May/June 2003

Interiorscape Magazine

"The Buzz on Pesticides"


March/April 2003

Interiorscape Magazine

"Hooked on Facts"


Feb 2003

NM Pro Magazine

"Secret Biological Agents"


Jan/Feb 2003

Interiorscape Magazine

"The Deadly Truth About IGRs"


Dec 2002

Mid-Atlantic Grower

"Nematode 101: The Good, The Bad, The Indifferent"


Dec 2002

NM Pro Magazine

"Mite Identification and Control. Biological and Chemical Solutions To These Serious Nursery Pests"

Nov/Dec 2002 Interiorscape Magazine

"Keeping Track of Good Bugs"

October 2002 NM Pro Magazine "So You Want To Buy Some Bugs..."  
Sept/Oct 2002 Interiorscape Magazine "Pink Hibiscus Mealybug: A serious threat"  
August 2002 The Green Scene "Revisiting Ladybugs"  
July / Aug 2002 Interiorscape Magazine "Beneficial Nematodes"  
May/June 2002 Interiorscape Magazine "Fungus Gnats"  
March/April 2002 Interiorscape Magazine "Integrated Pest Management Primer"  
March 2002 NM Pro Magazine "Pink Spotted Lady Beetles"  
2001 Greenhouse Business Magazine "Getting a Grip on the Two-Spotted Spider Mites"  
May 2001 Greenhouse Business Magazine "Biological Control of Fungus Gnats"  
Jan 2000 Ornamental Outlook "The Banana Moth"  




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