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Spider Mite Predator

Phytoseiulus persimilis


Description- Being red-orange in color, this predator is easy to identify.  It is about 0.5 mm in length, and is rather quick-moving (like many predators).

Host Pest- Two-spot mites and other web-spinning spider mites in the family Tetranychidae. 

Biology- The P. persimilis is a fast-moving predatory mite.  It searches leaf surfaces for webbing of pest mites.  Once finding webbing it will intensify its search for eggs, larva and adult two-spot mites. It then will consume all life stages of pest mite. Prey consumption is up to 7 adult spider mites or 20 eggs per day.

In the webbing of its prey, the female P. persimilis lays its own eggs within the strands of silk, where her young will hatch and continue to feed.  A well fed female will lay about 50 eggs in her lifetime.  Their life cycle takes as little as 7 days, shorter than that of the pest mite prey species.  This is why P. persimilis is such a successful predator.  Once the 2-spot mites are gone, P. persimilis will literally starve to death because they cannot live on any other food.  Ideal temperature range is 20-30șC with relative humidity of 70-80%.  Minimum temperature for activity is 10șC.


Phytoseiulus persimilis on right with

2-spotted spider mite on the left


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