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Help For The Interior Landscape Industry

Pest management for interiorscape can be challenging.  Not only do you have to deal with the pest but also the limitations of treating them indoors. 

First step is always to identify your pest.  You may need to take the sample to your local extension office or an independent lab.  Donít Guess! If you don't know what your problem is how can you select a treatment?  Also make sure the pest is not already dead.  If its alive, can it just be removed? can it be washed off?

Once you have the problem identified if using a pesticide, be sure it is labeled for the interior landscape, your pest is on the label, and that if there is an odor it will not be an issue. If looking to use biological control, consult your bio control supplier to make sure you get the right beneficial.  Also know what pesticides have been applied over the last 2 months because  pesticide residue can kill your your newly release beneficials. 

Articles For the Interior Landscapers

Pesticide labels and recommendations change over time.  Please check current labels to make sure recommendations are legal.

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