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Soil-Dwelling Mite

Hypoaspis miles

Description- Hypoaspis miles is a small brown mite and approximately 1 mm long. 

Host Pest-This mite is a polyphagous species which feeds on variety of soil organisms, including mites, sciarid fly larvae (fungus gnat larva), and thrips larvae (which have dropped to soil to pupate).  

Biology- H. miles lives its entire life directly in the soil.  The adult female lays her eggs there.  Upon hatching the nymphs almost immediately start to feed. Optimum conditions include a soil temperature range between 17-22C.  Under such conditions, the life span of this species is about 13 days.  One adult mite can consume up to 7 fungus gnat fly larvae a day.  Populations of these mites are slow to establish & build, so it is best to introduce them before the pest problem becomes severe.

Care must be taken with pesticides that have been incorporated into the soil or insecticidal drenches.

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