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What people are saying about presentations by

Suzanne Wainwright from Buglady Consulting

"Suzanne Wainwright is one of the best speakers we’ve ever used at PLNA.  She makes her topics come alive with her excitement and beautiful photography. I’ve used her repeatedly and her classes are always filled with attendees.  When she’s speaking on a topic for pesticide credits, she manages to take a sometimes dry, repetitive topic and make it fascinating.  She also travels and attends conferences all over the country (and world) to keep up with the latest research, so her programs are always relevant with the latest information."

Margaret O’Neal, PCH
Director of Education and Certification
Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association


The Horticulture Foundation of Virginia and The Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Shore Course has had Suzanne Wainwright-Evans as a speaker for four consecutive years. She has been an extremely popular and highly effective professional in her entomology and related subject presentations.

What makes her unique is:

• Her lecture style, (never boring and often entertaining for such a technical subject)

• Always organized and provides useful handouts that are comprehensive and relevant

• The most comprehensive slides on entomology and plant material related to insects and disease

• Eager to fill in as a speaker if needed beyond her scheduled lecture time

• Personable and reliable


Shirley Elstrodt

Program Director The Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course

Virginia Beach, VA



"After twenty or so years in the Green Industry, I often use lectures and seminars as a time to update my day planner. But Suzanne Wainwright-Evans had me captivated...about insects! Her style and exquisite photographs not only kept my attention, but taught me a tremendous amount about the importance of insects. Her lecture was far from the encyclopedic slideshow one might expect, but was truly entertaining and filled with valuable, timely information. I came away with a renewed attitude toward them. Can't wait to learn more from her!"


Erik Friedli

Horticulturist and General Manager Flamingo Road Nursery

Davie, FL


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