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About Pest Management

First, there is no “Silver Bullet” for pest problems.  You cannot just spritz a plant with a chemical, or open a jar of beneficial insects, and expect your problems to be solved.  Pest management requires an organized thought process that has to be considered before you have a pest problem.  This is the foundation of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and biological control is just on tool used in IPM.

IPM is the practice of long-term prevention and suppression of pests.  Several tools are commonly used, including scouting, resistant varieties of plants, and cultural practices. Pesticides are only used when pest pressures have reached an unacceptable level for the situation, and other control methods have been tried.  When pesticides are used they are selected and used in an environmentally responsible way. 

"Although insecticide use in the U.S. increased more than tenfold since 1945 to date,

crop losses to insects have nearly doubled during this period."

- David Pimintell, Ph.D., Cornell University

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